Monday, July 27, 2009

Kaoru & Artists's peformance information!!

Please Save a DATE!!

Kaoru and Kaoru & Artist Buddies!!'s Activity(Sep-Nov,2009)



As a Choreographer and Dancer

American Dance Guild 2009 Festival
@Manhattan Movement Arts Theater (248 West 60th Street,NYC)
Septmber 13th (Sun)  

@John Ryan Theater (25 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY)
September 26th (Sat)

Green Sapce Performance programs/Fertile Ground(New Work Series)
@Green Space(37-24 24th street Long Island City, Queens,NY)
December 13th (Sun)

As a Dancer

Irina Constantine Poulos/Choreo Theatro Center presents
November 21st (Sat)

I am looking forward to see you at a theather!!

much respect, Kaoru Ikeda


Choreography (in Japan)

Japan Original Musical Movie "BUSJACK(Temporary Title)" ( about JOMM, "BUSJACK" in Japanese) (about JOMM movie'BUSJACK",produntion note, in Japanese) 

Sorry, there is no English information about JOMM Movie, but I will up date in English in this blog. Please just wait!!! Kaoru

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